Case Studies

Global Growth Strategy For A Global Beverage Company


  • A Global beverage company was looking for significant increase in growth across 19 countries in next 5 years
  • It wanted to understand where the growth would come from, including new and existing product categories and consumer need states
  • The client also wanted to understand, once the growth strategy was defined, how the company should execute to optimally reach that growth

International Expansion Of A Global Food Company


  • A global food company required "deep" strategy to drive growth in three existing markets with new categories and "wide" strategy for existing categories to find new markets for growth
  • The Client needed to identify 25% incremental growth in next three years with deep and wide strategies

Trend Aligned Optimum Growth Portfolio for a Global Snack Company


  • A global snack company's growth accelerated over the past three years, well ahead of the market - without making significant portfolio changes
  • However, it was keenly aware that the market environment is rapidly changing, driven by a multitude of consumer trends
  • To sustain growth, it will require a strategic shift in its portfolio that will best reflect the changing market