Predictive Innovation™

Predictive Innovation™ Helps optimally position your brands for future growth.

Key questions

  • Can we predictably identify key factors contributing to success of future innovations? Can we anticipate the right external (consumer needs, behaviors, market and technology trends) and leverage internal (e.g. innovation IQ and culture) factors to maximize innovation success and ROII?
  • How can we then leverage this knowledge to "generate" the most optimum and future consumer-need-driven innovation directions and platforms?

What is it?

  • Predictive Innovation is driven by need states and attribute gaps and "predicts" next innovation directions to optimally address future changes in consumer needs and behaviors with the focus to maximize innovation success and ROII
  • Predictive Innovation covers WHERE TO LOOK (most promising future need states) and HOW TO LOOK (need-states driven concept attribute combination) for innovation

What are the benefits?

  • Helps clients to focus their innovation efforts with maximum ROII
  • Optimizes innovation portfolio to balance the risks and maximize the rewards
  • Expedites ideation and evaluation producing a faster time to market
  • Provides measurement and predicts ROII allowing for OPTIMUM strategic innovation decisions prior to making large investments